Discover the forgotten art of intricate paper cutting enkindled by the artist Jaishree Pankaj. See the various Jharokhas, Krishna Leelas, Jaalis and other motifs, constructed with utmost love and over 40 years of painstaking devotion.

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Sanjhi, the traditional art of intricate paper cutting is associated with the ancient Vaishnavites and dates back centuries to trellis designs or the Jalis that form the core of Vaishnavite temple architecture in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Sanhji artists bring to life havelis, jharokhas, krishna leelas, and various decorative forms of deities, and abstract concepts with a pair of scissors, a stack of coloured paper, and the power of vivid imagination.

For Jaishree, the tryst with this traditional art form began as a curious eight-year old fascinated with her grandfather’s creation of Krishna Leela, Raas Leela and Govardhan Leela by paper cuttings done on a banana leaf, Sanjhi chronicles the artist’s emotional journey, culminating in hope, joy, and a deep appreciation for life.

Each of the artist’s unique, rare, and distinct works bears the imprint of her endless impressions, reflections, and inspirations from stories of Lord Krishna in the form of Srinathji. Jaishree’s art is an expression of her devotion to the deity, a fountainhead of energy she fondly cherishes and holds close to her heart. Not unlike any other artist, Jaishree’s art offers her sanctuary; the haveli jharokha and the meticulously designed peacock tell a serene story, which if you watch, and listen closely, will transport you to the magical world of dancing colours and honest devotion the artist revels in.

Jaishree Pankaj


She held her first exhibition in April 1977 at Kala Bhavan, Hyderabad, inaugurated by the Governor at that time, Mr. Divan. Subsequently, she has exhibited:

1991: In Hyderabad, at Hotel Sarovar, inaugurated by the Governor then Mr. Krishnakant.

1994: In Mumbai, at the Cymrosa Gallery, Bhulabhai Desai Road, inaugurated by the eminent artist Smt.B.Prabha.

2000: In Hyderabad, at Kala Bhavan, inaugurated by the Governor then Mr. C.Rangarajan.

2013: in Mumbai, at the Artisans Gallery, Kala Ghoda

2013: in Hyderabad, at the Salar Jung Museum

(Coming Up): In Hyderabad, at Beyond Coffee from November 1st to November 14th, 2013

In the last 40 years she has created many masterpieces; big and small, colorful and plain.

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